Do you know you need a career change, but you're not sure to what? Are you a busy woman/mother wanting to create a flexible life and income for your family? Are you convinced that you want to own your own time, create your own schedule, be your own boss? Do you want to be FREE from employers, from the 8-5 rat race, from being chained behind a desk? Are you also ready to feel like YOURSELF again – the confident, badass babe that you are?

Then you've come to the right place. Whether you know where to start or you have zero clue, I am here to help you discover your purpose, transform your life, and start the business of your dreams.


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Building a dream business does not just include starting a business and working.
Being a business owner is who you are and what you stand for -  It is a lifestyle.

Here at The Freedom Guild, we believe in starting with your mind - because when you change your mind, you can quite literally change your life.

Learn how to start loving and celebrating yourself so you can love and celebrate your life and your business.



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I've been there before: trying to decide your next life path. Petrified to choose the wrong one. Scared to step out of my comfort zone to do what I love and believe in due to a fear of failure. You can have the life you dream of.

And I can help you. Let's find your purpose and launch your dreams.