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An 8 Week Course to jumpstart your vision

Whether you know what you want your dream business to look like, or have no idea what it even is yet, THIS program is the whole package. 

Destination: Freedom is an intensive 8 week course to give your dream business legs to stand on and a plan to success.

You know you are determined. You are ready to hit the ground running. But you need clarity, guidance and motivation. You need accountability and help to overcome some of those fears you're holding close.  You need to dig deep and to set goals, and for someone to help you organize those details - including the ones you've never even thought about when it comes to running and owning a business. 

And you've come to the right place. 

In Destination: Freedom, you will work 1-on-1 with Monica to clarify your vision and your mindset. 

Along with bringing out the inner Badass Babe and help you regain your VALUE and strength, you will use that as a piece of the puzzle to begin assembling your dream business. 

Are you ready, boss babe?

Quit hesitating and sitting on the sidelines.

Quit listening to that ugly mean girl voice in your head that says you are not WORTHY.

Start now to build your dream business. 

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  • Discover your personality type, your spiritual gifts, and your core values.
  • Confirm your passion/calling and create a purpose statement.
  • Claim a direction that your business is going to take.
  • Learn how to have a mindset of gratitude and abundance.
  • Learn the importance of self-love, and serving others.
  • How to effectively manage your time between your work, life, and family.
  • Create a business plan - a road map.
  • Get crystal clear on how you want your business + life to look like. 
  • Learn how to effectively brand and market your business.
  • Reveal your ideal/dream client and how best to market to them.
  • Receive a FREE BONUS branding - a 30 minute call with website and logo experts.
  • How to set effective goals for yourself and your business.
  • an overview on business set up and what to research for legal & tax issues. 
  • Implement your work to get your business going in the right direction.
  • Land your first client(s) and start earning income! 
  • An exclusive Welcome Pack to determine what you want out of this program.
  • Five, 1 hour, one-on-one phone-calls + one 30-minute follow-up call.
  • Eight weeks of unlimited Voxer & email support from Monica.
  • Exclusive business insight from Monica’s 8 years of experience.
  • In-depth clarity workbook.
  • Affirmation worksheet.
  • Free Your Time spreadsheet.
  • Goal Setting worksheet.
  • Business Plan Outline.
  • Branding workbook.
  • Ideal Clientele workbook.
  • FREE 3-month membership into Monica’s exclusive Luminary Group with TONS of resources, workbooks,mindset work, motivational and business trainings, and downloads! (A $66 value).
  • A free gift from Monica.
  • Purpose, Clarity, Positivity, Motivation, and a plan to launch your business!!

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