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55x5 Workbook

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Did you know that you are 85% more likely to accomplish something if you write it down? Amplify that with powerful universal numbers, and the 5 elements, and you have one of the easiest but most powerful manifestation techniques around! Learn about the 55x5 method, and how to use it, plus all the journal space you need (and made easy for you!) in this workbook. Plus, the price is aligned ;)

Client Testimonial:


I started my 55x5 workbook yesterday, and I decided that I would do something crazy and trust in my intuition, so I began writing my declaration: I AM THANKFUL FOR THE EXTRA $3000 I WILL RECEIVE IN THE MONTH OF MARCH.

Low and behold, NOT EVEN 24 hours later, I was informed of a $1200 refund coming to me & a bonus/pay raise at my 9-5 job. I CAN NOT MAKE THIS UP!! Not only is manifestation a thing, but so is gratitude y'all. When I wrote that sentence, I told myself that I would remain confident in its manifestation BUT even if the universe provided something different, I AM GRATEFUL.

Moral of the story: 
✨You need this workbook. Only $5.55 available now. 
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- Tiffany Galleher