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Lacey Newton-Kaiser, Esthetician, Nail Tech and Small Business Owner

I don’t even know where to start. I have worked with Monica through her 8 week program and I would do another program in a heart beat. She has completely helped me uplevel my mindset, my business, and in turn its upleveled my life. Before I met Monica, I knew that the business I was in was not what aligned with my personal goals, financial goals or life goals. But I had ZERO idea of what to do or how to get out of the rut I was in.

Which is where this fire cracker came in. She connected with me in a group we are both in and at the time I literally NEEDED TO HEAR right then what she had to say. I messaged her and thanked her and we just clicked. I KNEW I needed to work with her, I just felt a pull like THIS IS MY GIRL.

With in the first 3 weeks of working with Monica I went from “I have ZERO idea of what the hell I want to do but I know it’s not what I’m currently doing” to having a purpose so damn strong I could have lifted a 5 story building with it. I became clear as hell on what I was called to do, what I wanted to do, who I wanted to be, and in the next few weeks those feelings just grew stronger. I made decisions that I know in my heart were the right decisions. I have a fire lit inside me for my business, I have done SO FREAKING WELL in just 4 weeks of being in my company and it blows me away how much the accountability from the RIGHT person can change you’re life.

If you’re curious about the ways Monica can help you i your business, mindset or BOTH, Get on a freaking call already, you need to do this for you. For your life. For your purpose. And you deserve to feel how I feel after her program. It’s amazing and I would work with her again in a heart beat. I have received love, support, accountability, TOUGH LOVE, advice, guidance, but most importantly I have learned to listen to the universe and what I’m being called to do. I’m learning how to feel connected to my purpose, and I am learning how to weed out the shit that doesn’t align with ME or my goals. I’ve learned how to manage my time, I’m kicking out the distractions, and this, my business has totally taken off more than I thought it would!

But seriously, one call is all it takes and don’t be shy. Monica is so amazing and she will help you completely transform your life


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Danielle Lundgren
Wine Down with Danielle 

I met Monica through another Facebook group based on a dry January challenge! I don’t think we actually completed the challenge...but we made this connection through supporting each other. As we got more comfortable telling each other about ourselves, I revealed that I wasn’t sure what my purpose in life was supposed to be. I was unhappy and lost. I didn’t know who I was, what I was supposed to do, or where I was supposed to go.

Monica suggested her program for discovering your life’s purpose and together we worked through some major issues. There were lots of tears and pushback. Lots of procrastination because I could feel a change happening within me and it scared me.

Monica’s programs and support helped me make some MAJOR changes in my life. Since taking her program and working with Monica, I’ve been able to identify what makes me happy, what no longer serves me, and I’ve been able to make the hard choices.

She’s an incredible coach with a heart of gold and a passion for helping women understand their potential and how to reach it.

I am thankful for everything she’s taught me. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her continuous support.


Noelle Johnson, Creator of My Interview Buddy

Monica is a great coach. She is an incredible listener and was able to help me pinpoint my struggles and gave an action plan on how to be a more confident business owner. She walks the walk. She has been running several successful businesses for years. She coaches because she wants to, not because she has to - so there is no pressure. An amazing experience all around.

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Nicole Hatten, Oily Besties Team Leader

Have you ever felt stuck, halted, in a funk or even just in need of a friendly yet wise slap in the face?! Yeah well not only does Monica Burgat from the Freedom Guild offer sound advice, business coaching and mindset shifting, she also offers that smooth and captivating kick in the pants that your best friend wants to tell you but never will. Her experience and care for her clients goes well beyond the surface. She passionately wants you to succeed, in business and also in life. Allow her to help you find and fine tune your voice like she has help me find mine.



Tiffany Galleher - Blissful Abundance

I woke up one day and decided that the me I was, wasn’t who I wanted to be anymore.  I decided that I wanted to be better, to be MORE, and I decided that I needed to find someone who could help me figure out all the things I was thinking. 

So, I found Monica and The Freedom Guild, and I fell in love with the idea that there was a community and someone who understood what I meant when I said I just wanted to be the version of myself that I was capable of being.  Since then, I’ve had the blessings of people in my life who have helped me financially be able to invest in some programs and they have been nothing short of LIFE CHANGING.  I will never be able to adequately express how these programs have changed my life, and when you find something that sets your soul on fire.  

But the reality set in: what are you going to do now? How are you going to continue to grow yourself, surround yourself with things that challenge you and help you discover yourself?  You have financial responsibilities, and that’s just a real thing. And then the Luminary Group came up and I quickly realized it was the universe manifesting what I needed: a (ridiculously) affordable way to have monthly programs with my coach—Monthly access to life change, mentorship and community.  (Literally a no-brainer.) 

I am not the same person I was the day I woke up and decided I was destined to be more, and  because of that, I CHOOSE to invest in myself.  I CHOOSE to be the version of me that continues to awaken my soul.  Without finding someone who gave me the space to open up and believe in ME, this wouldn’t be possible, and now I never have to choose any other way again. 

- On The Freedom Guild Community, 1:1 Coaching, and the Luminary Group.